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Late fees for Sheep and Fiber Show entries will be waived thru the 7th of October.  We realize this is an extraordinary year, and we want to celebrate together!  Please contact if you have any questions.


Judge: Dr. Ken Gossard

Note: The judge will select and evaluate the top 10 sheep in any class with more than 15 sheep entered and where ribbons 1-5 are awarded.

Livestock Division General Rules apply

Show times: 2022 TBD


Sheep may be entered in only one wool category:

  • F (Fine): spin count 60s and up (24.94μ and lower)

  • M (Medium): spin count 50-58 (24.95-30.99μ)

  • L (Long/Coarse): spin count 48 and lower (31μ and up)

Sheep Show Classes

  • 1 – Yearling rams (less than 24 months)

  • 2 – Ram lambs (less than 12 months)

  • 3 – Yearling ewes (less than 24 months)

  • 4 – Ewe lambs (less than 12 months)

  • 5 – * Best Flock—one ram and two ewes (any age)

  • 6 – * Best Fleece—judged on the condition of fleece on the ani-mal that day, including uniformity, handle and condition as it relates to value and use for the hand spinning/craft market.
    * Must have been shown in individual classes.

  • 7 – *Pair of Ram Lambs

  • 8 – *Pair of Ewe Lambs



Additional Lots may be added if there are at enough sheep of that “breed” in a Class.  Please be specific on your Sheep Show Entry if your sheep is a cross bred, or pure bred for Lot designation.

  • Lot A white long wool

  • Lot B white wool med/fine

  • Lot C colored wool long

  • Lot D colored wool med/fine

  • Lot F white Romney 

  • Lot G colored Romney

  • Lot H-K classic sheep includes Shetland (H) Icelandic (I) Jacob (J) Navajo Churro (K)


Coordinator And Entries:

Kirsten Holbo 

(541) 979-5180

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