As we get closer to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival (OFFF) 

for 2021, we wanted to make a statement with regard to COVID19.  


At this point in time Oregon is under a mask mandate for indoor spaces.  OFFF will be complying with the state’s requirements that are in place at the time of the festival.  There will be no debate.  If you do not feel that you can comply, with the mandates in place at the time of the festival, you might want to sit this one out.  This is not only OFFF’s stand, but the Expo Center has protocol that must be followed; you can read the details here: https://www.lcfairexpo.com/covid19.


Although everyone must make their own decisions about getting vaccinated, we would like to encourage you to get vaccinated before attending OFFF.  In addition, if you are feeling ill, please do not attend; we want to make sure everyone in attendance stays well.


We appreciate your cooperation as we move through these unusual times.




Although there was a lot of excitement about our move to the Linn County Expo Center, we heard from a lot of folks who were disappointed about the scheduling conflict with Fiber Fusion NW. We listened, and felt it was important to go back to the drawing board one more time. For 2021 only, our new venue is able to push our festival out by one week, to October 23rd and 24th. Especially after a year without any festivals, we wanted to be considerate of our vendors and patrons who have been missing out. 


Do keep in mind that holding OFFF is still tentative as the safety of our visitors and vendors is our highest priority. We will ultimately be heeding the guidance of the CDC and the State of Oregon as to whether or not we can hold this event.


For 2022 and onward, OFFF will continue at the Linn County Expo Center, but on the 3rd week-end of October. This will be our new fixed festival date, as no alternatives are available at the venue going forward. We talked with the organizers of Fiber Fusion NW about our interim adjustment for this fall, and we're hopeful that an extended timeframe will allow them enough planning flexibility to make changes if they wish to.


We apologize for any stress that our changes have caused to the fiber community. It has been a roller coaster ride for all of the volunteers that work on OFFF, as well. We want to emphasize that we would not be making the changes if we didn't have to. Finding a new place to go with less than a year's notice in a pandemic was not ideal. Please know that we care about your concerns, and just want to make the most of this unforeseen change. The silver lining is that our new digs will have a real barn, and a fully indoor space for vendors! We really hope you can join us in ushering in a new era for our festival.

Thank you,

The OFFF Board




First and foremost, the safety of our visitors and vendors is our highest priority, and we will ultimately be heeding the guidance of the CDC and the State of Oregon. Although the festival remains tentative at this time due to COVID, OFFF is happy to share the news that we are planning some big changes this year.  


The winds have shifted significantly throughout the pandemic, and so will we. Oregon Flock and Fiber will be pulling up stakes for the first time, moving to the Linn County Fair Grounds in Albany, OR, and moving the dates forward to October 16th and 17th. Yes, you heard that right! New venue, new date, same beloved festival.  


We would like to thank the Clackamas County Event Center for hosting OFFF for the past 23 years. We have loved the venue and will miss its charm. They have an opportunity to hold an extended drive through event that will provide them with crucial sustaining revenue, regardless of what COVID restrictions may be this fall, during the time we would normally hold OFFF.  


The Linn County Fair Grounds was able to offer us the October week-end of the 16th and 17th on a tentative basis (per state guidelines on large gatherings at that time). If you have ever been to this venue, you know what a nice facility it is: a real barn for the animals, and enough indoor space for all of our vendors and classes. No more tents, and no more battling unpredictable weather. Some camping is available on site, and the Comfort Suites hotel is right across the parking lot. Here is a link to the website if you would like to look over the space: https://www.lcfairexpo.com/services.  


Because of COVID, we are not able to make the call yet as to whether or not OFFF can happen in 2021. If this past year has taught us anything, it is how to be flexible. The OFFF Board will be making a final decision in early July, to allow visitors, vendors, and teachers enough notice to plan. We remain hopeful that we can move forward with the festival in this new space and at this new date.  


Wishing you all good health, and hoping for progress in containing COVID,


-The OFFF Board