ILR Llama Show


Unfortunately, this year’s Festival date conflicts with another large llama event.  As a result, the llamas will be in Albany at the Linn County Expo & Fairground on September 25th and 26th.  Please come visit us in the Cascade Livestock Pavillion!

Saturday will be the performance classes with youth and adults competing on pack/trail obstacles, public relations obstacles and just-plain obstacles!  On Sunday the llamas will be all brushed up and pretty for their conformation classes.  We will have llamas shown in these wool divisions:  suri, silky, classic, light/medium and heavy wool.

Again this year the OFFF llama show is the ILR Western Championship show!  I will put details on the web page [ßthis is the address found at the end of this document] as they are sorted out.  We are looking forward to this Championship show and hope you can join us!


Show Times:           8:30am start on 9/25, 9:00 start on 9/26




Maryan Baker, Rancho Mirage, CA for halter and performance classes.

Wally Baker, Rancho Mirage, CA for halter and performance classes.

Gogi Villanueva, Medford, OR for fleece-on and shorn fleece classes        



Location:         Cascade Livestock Pavilion, Linn County Expo, Albany, Oregon


Show Superintendent Hal Koenig




Saturday Show                                                Sunday Show

Obstacle and Pleasure Driving                       Suri Wool

Youth Showmanship                                       Silky Wool

Non-Breeder Halter                                        Classics

Pack: Advanced (adults), Novice (adults),     Light/Medium Wool

   and Youth                                                    Heavy Wool

Youth Costume (around lunch time)              Bred & Owned

Obstacle: Advanced, Novice,                         Production Pair

   and Youth                                       

Public Relations: Advanced, Novice,                         

   and Youth                                       


Updates and forms will be available at: