ILR Llama Show


This is an open invitation for all visitors to the Festival – please come visit the llama show in Ely Arena!

There will be informational displays about llamas, individuals available to answer questions and llama fleeces for sale!  Stop in and get your hands into some great fleece!


Again this year the OFFF llama show is the ILR Western Championship show!  I will put details on the web page as they are sorted out.  We are looking forward to this Championship show and hope you can join us!


Show Times:             2021 TBD


Judges:                    Tami Lash,

                                 Joy Bishop-Forshey



Location:                     Ely Arena


Show Superintendent Hal Koenig





Saturday Show                                   Sunday Show

Obstacle and Pleasure Driving           Suri Wool

Youth Showmanship                           Silky Wool

Non-Breeder Halter                            Classics

Pack: Advanced, Novice,                   Light/Medium Wool

   and Youth                                         Heavy Wool

Youth Costume (around lunch)           Bred & Owned

Obstacle: Advanced, Novice,            Production Pair

   and Youth                                        Diamond Award – Best of Show

PR: Advanced, Novice,                         

   and Youth                                       


Updates and forms will be available at:

  • 49038

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