All entries must be postmarked by October 1st, 2022. Use the entry forms above. Entries are accepted in the postmarked order as space permits.


Awards – Sheep, Goats

Ribbons 1st – 5th place in all classes; rosettes to champions
OFFF Diamond Award Trophy and $100 cash award to Supreme Grand Champions
Morris Culver Memorial Best Fleece Award
Cash prizes and awards are awarded as donated.

Pen Space

Exhibitors must use only assigned pens. Every effort is made to give exhibitors the number of pens requested, but space is limited. Tack pens are shared by several exhibitors (may or may not be available; animals are housed first). Aisles must be kept clear. Feed and equipment must be stored in trailers or assigned tack areas (if available).

Sales pens: Sheep and Goat Sales pens are $60 per pen and approximately 40 square feet. Llama Sales pens are $150 and approximately 100 square feet. These pens are designed for the small breeder to showcase their animals and market products from them. You must have at least one pen with animals for exhibit or show. See animal entry forms (Sheep/Goat) to purchase a sales pen (limit of 2).  Insurance Required.

OFFF Insurance information
Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival and Committee needs to be listed as an additional insured.
Standard $1,000,000 policy.

**Insurance must cover customers coming into the sales pen
OFFF address is:
30881 SW Bald Peak Rd
Hillsboro, OR 97123
Address of the event is the Linn Co. Event Center

Proof of insurance can be emailed to OFFFsheep@gmail.com (sheep, alpaca), melibranfarms@gmail.com (goats), and Hal.Koenig@KoenigLlamas.com (llamas)


NOTE: New for 2022: The flooring in the barn is concrete. Straw is available for purchase through the Goat and Sheep entry forms. 

Sheep and Goats

Animal-only pen, 4’x6’, $16.00 per pen. These pens are only for show. Maximum head per pen: 2-3 yearlings or 3-4 lambs, depending on breed size. Tables and chairs are not allowed in animal-only pens.

Buck pen, one per farm, $25 per pen.  BUCKS OLDER THAN 6 MONTHS MUST BE HOUSED IN A BUCK PEN, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Additional pens may be available depending on entries.

Display pen, 4’x6’, $25.00 per pen

Tack pens are free and shared by exhibitors.*** tack pens are not guaranteed. animals take priority***

Tables and chairs are not allowed in aisles or animal-only pens.

$25 late fee for entries after October 1, 2022.


Pen Cards

Pen cards are available at the livestock barn information table and must be posted for each animal. Please clearly identify your farm and animals that are “For Sale” and NFS (not for sale).


Livestock is received during the following hours:

  • Friday, 7:00 am - 8:00 am (this check-in time is only for workshop attendees with sheep or goats)

  • Friday, 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm

  • Saturday, 7:00–8:00 am; all animals must be in place by 8:30 am, Saturday

  • If arriving after scheduled check in times, you MAY NOT unload your animals and must wait until next scheduled check in time.  If animals are unloaded without permission, the exhibitor will be asked to remove their animals from the premises immediately and will not be allowed to show for the current year.  Subsequent infractions may result in exhibitor being banned from any or all future events.


Sheep and Goats: As a courtesy to Festival visitors, both show and exhibit animals must remain until Sunday closing (4:00 pm). Any and all exceptions must be cleared with the livestock coordinator.


ILR Llama Show: See show packet. 

Health and Safety

OFFF shall not insure, nor be responsible for the safety, show, exhibit or sale of livestock or the person(s) tending them.

Health Inspection

All animals crossing state lines must have health certificates that meet the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture regulations. No animals will be unloaded until inspected and checked in by an OFFF check-in team member. No Exceptions! All animals must be sound, healthy and free of external parasites. No sheep or goat showing any symptoms of contagious or infectious disease will be permitted to be unloaded, shown or exhibited. The OFFF reserves the right to require removal of any animal deemed unhealthy. Sheep and goats must have the required ID to be compliant with the USDA Scrapie Eradication Program. For more information, visit the USDA Veterinary Services website:


Water, Feed, and Bedding

Exhibitors are responsible for and must provide water buckets and feed for their animals. See entry form for bedding straw sale. All Animals must have bedding in pens.


Exhibitor Sale-Only Animals

Animals entered for exhibit or sale only (not entered in a show) are accepted as space permits. OFFF reserves the right to limit the number of animals brought for exhibit/sale by any person.

General Show Information

Each show/division must have a minimum of 5 exhibitors and 20 animals. Any single breed meeting this requirement is assigned its own show. Breeds failing to meet this requirement will be in a combined show (Other Fiber Goat Show or Sheep Lot L-Z).
Breed registration is not required for entry in general OFFF shows. Breed-sponsored shows that require registered animals are noted in the class list information.
Any exhibitor or visitor who interferes with a judge during a show will be ejected immediately from the Festival.

An exhibitor may enter only two sheep or goats per class for show. Individual animals may be shown in only one lot.

The judge will select and evaluate the top 10 sheep in any class with more than 15 sheep entered and where ribbons 1-5 are awarded.

Fiber length must be appropriate to show the quality of the fleece/fiber for each specific breed.

·         Fine-wool sheep breeds: 2+ inches

·         Medium-wool sheep breeds: 2-1/2+ inches

·         Long-wool breeds: 3+ inches 

Fiber length must be appropriate to show the quality of the fleece/fiber for each specific breed.
Goats must be shown on a lead in all divisions except White and Colored Angora Goats.

Bucks: Even young bucks can be heavily perfumed in the fall. BUCKS OLDER THAN 6 MONTHS MUST BE HOUSED IN A BUCK PEN.  Please use good judgment and leave extra-smelly bucks at home. Adult bucks are to be kept in their assigned barn or the show ring only and not to be walked through the goat barn or public areas on their way to the ring. Each exhibitor/farm will be assigned a buck pen as available. Extra pens may be available as space allows. Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning buck pens of all bedding at the end of the Festival.


Livestock Division

Volunteers needed! Please contact:


Kirsten Holbo

(541) 979-5180   



Kristi Kistner

(541) 435 4320



Hal Koenig, Koenig Llamas  

(541) 752-5434 



Heather and Danielle 


Livestock Division General Rules

General livestock rules and specific show rules apply to all exhibitors.

Please see specific breed show information for other rules that may apply.

OFFF is not responsible for damage or loss while on the Event Center grounds.

Livestock sales are by private treaty.

All decisions of the judge and/or OFFF are final. Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated, and individuals may be excused from future OFFF shows.

No dogs or pets are allowed on the Event Center grounds except assistance dogs.


Important: All animals brought to the Event Center grounds must be placed in pens.

The Event Center does not allow livestock to be housed in trailers.

All vehicles, including trailers, must have an OFFF Livestock Pass visible while on the Event Center grounds. Two passes, one for the vehicle and one for a trailer, are included with entry confirmation.


Additionally: Any animals brought on premises MUST have been entered for show, exhibit, or sale.