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Sally McCarrick Fiber Creations and Skein Competitions

General Rules:
1. Fiber Creations competition is limited to 5 entries per category.
2. All work must be completed by the entrant within the last 18 months.
3. All entries must be made from at least 75% natural fiber. Commercially-spun yarn is
allowed in all competitions except the handspun categories.
4. Eligibility of entries that incorporate nonfiber, or parts not made by the entrant, will be
determined by the Fiber Division Chair. Fabric base of nuno felting is allowed.
5. A 3” x 5” information card should be attached to the entry and may describe the fiber
source, type of fiber, color, handspun or commercial yarn and technique. For knitting,
crochet and weaving, entrant also may include yarn manufacturer, colorway, weight (DK,
etc.) and pattern sources. Do not put your name on this card. Youth should indicate their
age when the entry was completed.
6. Entries must be submitted to allow judges to completely inspect an item. Accessories or
mountings may be added after judging for display in the Sally McCarrick Fiber Creations
Gallery. Arrangements for this should be made with the Fiber Division co-chairs.
7. The Fiber Arts judging area is closed to the public. Please respect this.
8. Results of judging are posted at the Festival.
9. OFFF reserves the right to reject any entry that is not appropriate for exhibit. Judges may
change entries to the appropriate category or combine entries if there are insufficient
entries in a category.
10. Age Level Codes are as follows:
            o Adult (A)
            o Youth (Y) – 17 and under, please indicate age
11. Categories in the Fiber Creations competition are:
            o Hand knitted
            o Crocheted
            o Felted
            o Woven
            o Other fiber applications, including hooked rugs, machine knitting, fulling and

Challenge yourself and enter the Skein Competition!

Skeins are judged by skill level to encourage participation.

Spinning categories:

  • singles

  •  two-ply

  • multi-ply

  •  novelty

  • spindled and thigh spun


 Skeins may be judged based on:

  •  fiber suitability

  • choice of spinning technique 

  • quality of spinning 

  • skein preparation 

  • suitability for final use 

Skein Competition Guidelines
1.  General entry rules for the Fiber Division apply.
2.  All fiber must be handspun by the entrant and completed within the last 18 months.
3.  All skeins must be 50 yards or more.
4. Tie skeins in at least 3 places using figure 8-style self ties.
5.  A 3” x 5” information card, fiber sample and sample swatch must be attached to one of
the skein ties (swatch not required for youth entries, but strongly encouraged).
6. There is no limit on how many skeins you may enter.

Skein Competition Information Card Guidelines


  •  Single Natural: from one, naturally occurring source (e.g. wool, cotton, alpaca)

  •  Blended Natural: a blend of 2 or more natural fibers (e.g. 80% alpaca, 20% silk)

  •  Natural/Synthetic Blend: a blend of naturally occurring and synthetic/manufactured fibers—must be at least 75% natural fibers (e.g. 90% wool, 10% nylon)

  •  Type(s) and percentage blend of fibers: please note type, breed and strain if known (e.g. Icelandic wool, tussah silk, organic cotton)

  •  Note if the fiber was raised by the entrant

  •  Comments on natural color or dye: note type of dye, whether commercially or hand dyed, color blending or dye techniques (e.g. dyed with indigo; purchased space-dyed roving; all natural colors blended from one variegated llama, etc.).


  • Describe techniques used for the preparation of fiber, dyeing, spinning and/or plying (hand combed, drum carded; spinning technique long draw, drop spindle; plying technique: Navajo, boucle).

Intended Use

  • Describe a suitable use for your yarn based on its characteristics include technique and/or project (e.g. knitted sweater, woven scarf, hooked rug).


  • Include a swatch (4” x 4” suggested size, may vary with intended use). Not required for youth entries, but strongly encouraged. Swatch may be made by a person other than the entrant please note on the information card.

Fiber Division Awards

  •  Ribbons awarded through 5th place in the Fiber Creations and Skein competitions

  •  Rosettes awarded to Champion, Reserve Champion, Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion winning entries

  •  Diamond Award Trophy and $100 cash presented in the Skein and the Fiber Creations competitions

  •  Additional Awards for Judges choice ($50) and best use of celebrated fiber ($25).

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