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 Deb Christensen  

(503) 936-8736

To enter for the Autumn Pygora Fleece Show please:

1. Fill out the entry form and submit it



2. Purchase Entry Fee (per fleece), Return Postage if needed, and optional Judge Travel Donation below. 

  • please update cart quantity for fleece entry and return postage as needed. $7 is PER fleece. 

  • you may mail your entry form and fees via check if preferred, instructions are in the entry form, please make checks payable to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

  • Mail entries to: Deb Christensen 33709 Tarbell Rd Scappoose, OR 97056

click photo below to order

Judge: Kari Schroeder



 Kari Schroeder purchased her first Pygora goats in 2007 and has been enjoying the breed every since. She started showing and breeding her very first does, and continues to enjoy both these activities to this day. She also has been involved as a committee member or board member with the Pygora Breeders Association from the beginning, and enjoys improving and promoting this great little fiber goat breed.



1.      Doe Kids (under 1 yr. old)

2.      Yearling Does (1 to under 2 yrs. old)

3.      Adult Does (2 to under 4 yrs. old)

4.      Senior Does (4 years and older)

5.      Wether Kids (under 1 yr. old)

6.      Yearling Wether (1 to under 2 yrs. old)

7.      Adult Wethers (2 to under 4 yrs. old)

8.      Senior Wethers (4 years and older)

9.      Buck Kids (under 1 yr. old)

10.    Yearling Bucks (1 to under 2 yrs. old)

11.    Adult Bucks (2 to under 4 yrs. old)

12.    Senior Bucks (4 years and older)

13.    Unbred does (2-3 years old) *

14.    Unbred does (3 years and older) *


* These classes are for fun and are not eligible for PBA championship qualification.


  • Entry fees are $7 per fleece. Entry forms must be postmarked by October 1, 2023. For entries mailed after October 1, the entry fee is $15 per fleece.  Please consider a $5 donation toward judge's travel expenses.

  • All fleeces are shown in a banker’s box except for adult/senior buck fleeces. Adult and senior buck fleeces are represented by a 1-oz. sample from the buck’s barrel placed in a ziplock bag with the harvest date written on the ziplock and accompanied by a color, side-view photo of the buck in full fleece.

  • Fleeces must be brought to the fleece show area on Friday, from 4-5:30 pm unless prior arrangement are made with the show coordinators. Fleeces remain on display until 1 pm on Saturday.

  • Fleeces may be mailed in for the show. Mailed-in fleeces must include an additional $35 return postage fee per fleece and must be received by Oct. 12. 

  • Fleeces are to be picked up Saturday at 1 pm unless prior arrangements are made with the show coordinators.


We reserve the right to reject any entry not appropriate for exhibit.

Judge may move and/or regroup entries, or create categories as appropriate. We do not assume responsibility for loss or damage of fleeces during shipment or the show.

Note: PBA fleece show rules govern.  

Pygora Fleece Show Sponsored Awards

·         A prize of $25 sponsored by the NW Pygora Club will be awarded to the Grand Champion fleece.

·         The best wether fleece will receive the Sally McCarrick Memorial Award of $25, sponsored by the Wild Goat                    Women

Autumn Pygora Fleece Show

9:00 am on 10/14/2023

in the Fiber Arts area in Santiam.

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