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Show Time: Saturday at 9:30 am upstairs in the main pavilion. Judging is open to the public, and questions are welcomed.

Coordinators: Erica Brown, 503/329-1262email and Deb Christensen, 503/936-8736

Judge: Lisa Grzeskowiak Marysville, OH.

Lisa Grzeskowiak lives on a small farm in Marysville, OH with her husband Jeff. On their farm reside goats, sheep, horses, a donkey, ducks, chickens, bees, a Weimeraner and two Italian Maremmas to watch over everybody. Her love of goats was born when her now grown children decided that goats were the cutest animal at the county fair and wanted to take the project the following year. When her kids (human kids) were ready to head to college, she knew she did not want a barn without the ever entertaining goats so the search began to find just the right breed. After much research, Pygora goats seemed to be the perfect fit. Lisa bought her first starter flock in 2009. Never having picked up knitting needles, crochet hooks or any fiber art tool, she jumped in with both feet to learn everything she could about the fiber world and these beautiful luxury fiber producing animals.


Lisa was a 4H advisor for 9 years for a dog club where the spark for teaching and judging started. After receiving her judges license, Lisa has judged shows in Michigan, Virginia and Oregon. She believes the best tool to understanding your flocks strengths and weaknesses is to process your own fiber, at least part of each fleece. Secondly, go to shows whether participating in the show ring, volunteering or as a spectator, producers like to talk about their animals!


Lisa is honored to be asked to judge at OFFF which happens to be the very first show in which she participated as a Pygora goat owner 10 years ago.

Pygora Fleece Show Entry Form ( PDF)


  1. Doe Kids (up to 1 year of age)

  2. Yearling Does (1-2 yr. of age)

  3. Adult Does (2-4 years old)

  4. Senior Does (over 4 years old)

  5. Wether Kids (up to 1 year of age)

  6. Yearling Wether (1-2 yr. of age)

  7. Adult Wethers (2-4 years old)

  8. Senior Wethers (over 4 years old)

  9. Buck Kids (up to 1 year of age)

  10. Yearling Bucks (1-2 yr. of age)

  11. Adult Bucks (2-4 years old)

  12. Senior Bucks (over 4 years old)

  13. Unbred does (2-3 years old) *

  14. Unbred does (over 3 years old) *


* These classes are for fun and are not eligible for PBA championship qualification.


  1. EEntry fees are $7 per fleece. Entry forms must be postmarked by Sept. 1, 2019. For entries mailed after Sept. 1, the entry fee is $15 per fleece.

  2. All fleeces are shown in a banker’s box except for adult/senior buck fleeces. Adult and senior buck fleeces are represented by a 1-oz. sample from the buck’s barrel placed in a ziplock bag with the harvest date written on the ziplock and accompanied by a color, side-view photo of the buck in full fleece.

  3. Fleeces must be brought upstairs in the main pavilion on Friday, from 4-5:30 pm unless prior arrangement are made with the show coordinators. Fleeces remain on display until 1 pm on Saturday.

  4. Fleeces may be mailed in for the show. Mailed-in fleeces must include an additional $15 return postage fee per fleece and must be received by Sept. 15. See the entry form on page 62 for the address for mailing fleeces.

  5. Fleeces are to be picked up Saturday at 1 pm unless prior arrangements are made with the show coordinators.


We reserve the right to reject any entry not appropriate for exhibit.

Judge may move and/or regroup entries, or create categories as appropriate. We do not assume responsibility for loss or damage of fleeces during shipment or the show.

Note: PBA fleece show rules govern.  


Pygora Fleece Show Sponsored Awards

  • A prize of $25 sponsored by the NW Pygora Club will be awarded to the Grand Champion fleece.

  • A prize of $25 courtesy of Quail Hollow Farm Pygora Goats will be awarded to the Reserve Grand Champion fleece.

  • The best wether fleece will receive the Sally McCarrick Memorial Award of $25, sponsored by the Wild Goat Women

Autumn Pygora Fleece Show