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 Deb Christensen  

(503) 936-8736

To enter for the Autumn Pygora Fleece Show please complete the following by September 1, 2024:

1. Fill out the entry form and submit it 



2. Purchase Entry Fee (per fleece), Return Postage if needed, and optional Judge Travel Donation below. 

  • please update cart quantity for fleece entry and return postage as needed. $7 is PER fleece. 

  • you may mail your entry form and fees via check if preferred, instructions are in the entry form, please make checks payable to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

  • Mail entries to: Deb Christensen 33709 Tarbell Rd Scappoose, OR 97056

2024 Online Entry coming soon
click photo below to order

Judge: Ainsley Henry



"I started my goat journey by leasing a fiber goat for 4H and soon after became fascinated with breeding and showing fiber goats. I purchased my first Pygora goats in 2018 and my herd has only grown since then. I have bred and shown fiber goats and Shetland sheep in 4H and FFA for 6 years. After shadowing judges and learning about Cashmere, Angora, and other fiber goats I fell in love with judging goats and their fiber. I judged the OFFF 2023 Cashmere goat show and I am now a sanctioned Pygora goat judge."



1.      Doe Kids (under 1 yr. old)

2.      Yearling Does (1 to under 2 yrs. old)

3.      Adult Does (2 to under 4 yrs. old)

4.      Senior Does (4 years and older)

5.      Wether Kids (under 1 yr. old)

6.      Yearling Wether (1 to under 2 yrs. old)

7.      Adult Wethers (2 to under 4 yrs. old)

8.      Senior Wethers (4 years and older)

9.      Buck Kids (under 1 yr. old)

10.    Yearling Bucks (1 to under 2 yrs. old)

11.    Adult Bucks (2 to under 4 yrs. old)

12.    Senior Bucks (4 years and older)

13.    Unbred does (2-3 years old) *

14.    Unbred does (3 years and older) *


* These classes are for fun and are not eligible for PBA championship qualification.


  • Entry fees are $7 per fleece. Entry forms must be submitted by September 1, 2024. For entries submitted after September 1, the entry fee is $15 per fleece.  Please consider a $5 donation toward judge's travel expenses.

  • All fleeces are shown in a banker’s box except for adult/senior buck fleeces. Adult and senior buck fleeces are represented by a 1-oz. sample from the buck’s barrel placed in a ziplock bag with the harvest date written on the ziplock and accompanied by a color, side-view photo of the buck in full fleece.

  • Fleeces must be brought to the fleece show area on Friday, from 4-5:30 pm unless prior arrangement are made with the show coordinators. Fleeces remain on display until 1 pm on Saturday.

  • Fleeces may be mailed in for the show. Mailed-in fleeces must include an additional $35 return postage fee per fleece and must be received by September 16. 

  • Fleeces are to be picked up Saturday at 1 pm unless prior arrangements are made with the show coordinators.


We reserve the right to reject any entry not appropriate for exhibit.

Judge may move and/or regroup entries, or create categories as appropriate. We do not assume responsibility for loss or damage of fleeces during shipment or the show.

Note: PBA fleece show rules govern.  

Pygora Fleece Show Sponsored Awards

·         A prize of $25 sponsored by the NW Pygora Club will be awarded to the Grand Champion fleece.

·         The best wether fleece will receive the Sally McCarrick Memorial Award of $25, sponsored by the Wild Goat                    Women

Autumn Pygora Fleece Show

Saturday, September 21, 2024 


in the Fiber Arts area in Santiam.

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