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Education Chair

Kim Alt

Fiber Division Chair

                     Kathleen Bau-Madsen                  


Camping Manager + Parking 

Donna Roulier

(503) 884-3422

Website Administration

Sam Willits

Web Editor

Beth Hansen

(503) 512-0949

Did you know that the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival is entirely volunteer run? We would like to thank all of our donors and volunteers – we could not enjoy this festival every year without your dedication, hard work, and financial support.

If you are interested in volunteering with OFFF,
please contact Kathleen Baumadsen.







Youth Education and Activities Chair

Kristy Bellavita, Bellavita Farm & Fibers   

(541) 270-6656

                      Livestock Division - Sheep                      Kirsten Holbo

(541) 979-5180

Livestock Division—Goats

Misty Thornton

(503) 537-7627

Livestock Division—Llamas

Peggy Gresham

(360) 907-5298

Livestock Division-Rabbits

Danielle Wallace, NWARA Treasurer

(541) 408-3365

Vendor and Trade Booths Chair

Barbara Keller

(541) 400-0081


Festival Planning Committee

Festival Director

Brandy Chastain, Whistlestop Farm

(503) 880-0630

Want to become a vendor?

Contact our Vendor Chair Barbara at

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