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Grand Lamb & Cabrito Cook-OFFF

Dan Wilson, SuDan Farm, Chairman; 503/651-LAMB (5262),  503/651-2335 (fax), or 971/219-3884(cell)


SuDan Farm of Canby, OR sponsor of the Cook-Off


General Rules:

  1. Meat must be American lamb or cabrito, preferably from the NW.

  2. Each entry dish must be enough for 4-6 persons. One portion is for judging; the remainder is given as samples to the audience.

  3. Each contestant is provided with an electrical outlet, table or counter space and access to a limited number of ovens. Contestants must furnish their own utensils, grill, microwave or other necessary cooking equipment and a serving platter to present their entries to the judging table.

  4. Entries are presented for judging. Garnish and presentation is considered in the Professional Division. Garnishes are not considered for scoring purposes in the Amateur Division.

  5. Recipes may be original or another’s recipe, but the source must be cited and credited. All recipes must be submitted with the entry application on one 8½ x 11” sheet of paper. On a second page, include the contestant’s name, address, phone number and recipe credits, if applicable (please type.).

  6. The recipe must include the number of servings, list of ingredients with specific quantities (standard U.S. measurements), in order of use and complete preparation directions including cooking time, temperature and necessary utensils.

  7. Each entry will be judged on the following scale:

    • Taste 50 points

    • Appearance 20 points

    • Originality 10 points

    • Ease of Preparation 20 points

  8. The Grand Lamb & Cabrito Cook-OFFF shall have the right to publish and make use of any recipe in any way deemed fit and proper. All recipes will be credited. Any and all recipes may be published in an OFFF Grand Lamb & Cabrito Cookbook.

  9. All decisions of the judges and/or the OFFF are final.

No entry fee. Confirmation of acceptance will be sent, with additional details including the individual contestant’s starting time.

  • Awards: 1st Prize $300  (both Divisions)

  • 2nd Prize $200  (both Divisions)

  • 3rd Prize $100  (both Divisions)

  • 3 Honorable Mention Prizes

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