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Every knitter wants to learn how to knit socks. In my opinion, socks is to knitting as ballet is to dance, it's the core of knitting. Once you can knit socks, you can knit anything! However, most knitters dislike working with the traditional double pointed needles and most dread the kitchener graft! There lies the sock issue! We�ll learn how to knit socks, one at a time using the Magic Loop Technique. We'll discuss basic sock construction and the math behind the sock. We'll walk through the process step by step and we'll even eliminate the kitchener graft! Yup, there is a new and improved way to graft those toes and it's super easy to memorize! Once you take this class, you may never need another sock pattern again! We�ll also discuss pro�s and con�s to knitting with Magic Loop circs versus double pointed needles and how to convert patterns to the Magic Loop way.

Magic Loop Socks

SKU: WS371
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