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Sweaters are the magnum opus of the knitting world, and yet something that intimidates many knitters. Knitting a fitted sweater, more than a shawl that does not need to fit a particular size, can be quite a daunting proposition. It�s a lot of knitting, a sizable investment, and how can you be sure it will fit? After all, swatching is a pain, and swatches lie anyway, don�t they? When pondering such a large scale project that needs to fit, a host of questions and doubts can arrive. The key to knitting a great sweater is simple, yet often overlooked. Yes, one must have the requisite knitting skills, but more important than that is creating a good sweater fabric in the yarn you plan to use (regardless of the needle size and gauge stated in the pattern), and then adjusting the pattern to suit your own fabric and gauge. In this class, we look at common sweater structures and examine how, when, and where to make adjustments to gauge in a pattern, once you have found your ideal fabric. We thoroughly discuss swatching as a means to an end - a necessary evil, if you will. Come with an open mind, prepared to learn tools to liberate yourself from the need to blindly follow a sweater pattern, hoping for the best.

Great Sweaters are Made, not Born

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