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Learn how to make the most of the Rigid Heddle Loom! These wonderful looms make it easy to weave just about anywhere and anytime. They are a relatively inexpensive way to get into weaving and are lightweight, portable, and practical. They can be used to make everything from everyday useful things such as hand towels to luxurious shawls for that evening at the opera.
This class is designed to teach the soup to nuts of weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom. We'll cover how to select yarns and plan a project, how to calculate and prepare a warp, how to thread the loom, and how to weave the project.
You will leave the class with a completed purse and the ability to use your Rigid Heddle Loom on your own to weave a variety of handwoven projects.

Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving

SKU: WS332
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