Parking Lot Fleece Sale!!!


Located Rosebrook Arena. Sell some of those “Extra” Fleeces you have hanging around
or pick up fleeces for a new project.


  • An eligible fleece is one that is raw or has been washed.
    Fiber processed in any other way is not eligible.

  • OFFF provides space under cover in an arena with a sawdust floor.
    Bring a table, tarp or other protection for your fiber.

  • The seller registers at 8:30-9:00 am at the sale area and:

    • pays $10 for 1-5 fleeces, $20 for 6-15 fleeces or $30 for 16 or more fleeces

    • is responsible for the transactions; OFFF is not responsible for transactions between buyer and seller

    • must have someone with their fleeces at all times during the sale

  • All further sales allowed only at vendor booths

  • All fleeces must be removed at 3:00 pm.

For more details or questions, please contact Kristy Bellavita.